Financial Bridge

Our Financial Bridge: How to Design, Construct and Maintain Personal Wealth


Finance is not all about money, it’s about relationships. It’s a bridge that connects families, friends, and communities. Each generation builds wealth for itself and its offspring. Through this wealth, the next generation hopes to create a better life.

Our Financial Bridge will show you how to design, construct and maintain your personal financial bridge for a better future. With all the noise we encounter in our day-to-day lives about finance, Sabu understands how hard it can be to stay focused. In this book, Sabu simplifies the subject to help you build a strong foundation for your personal financial well-being.

Writing this book after working with more than 250 families over 25 years, Sabu delivers a concise and comprehensive summary of the investment world, and the roles different kinds of assets play in our lives. Our Financial Bridge provides actionable recommendations to strengthen the financial well-being of you and your family.


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