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You’re not unusual because you’re fiberglass worried over the price of eggs; however, bird influenza, not growth, is the true offender.

Supermarket prices have generally grown as a result of an average inflation tendency that has raised commodity costs since the spring of 2021. But the cost of eggs has surged by more than doubling in the previous month for a reason unrelated to macroeconomic trends worldwide. In 2023, a bird flu epidemic will reportedly kill 46 billion omelette chickens, destroying farming, according to the US Ministry of Agriculture.

The Bureau of Labour Information reports that as a result of the chicken shortages, the price of a twelve-degree yolk increased to $5.0 in November, more than tripling the average price of $2.07 in October 2022. 2 The graph below shows how the price of eggs has climbed substantially more than the price of other foods.

Reason For Chicken Packaging Adhesive Suprise: Bird Influenza

A box of huge degree hens cost more in 2022, mostly as a result of avian influenza outbreaks that reduced the egg supply. The price of that specific variety of chicken has climbed ten times faster since November than the price of goods as a whole. (Tap or keep your pointer there to display a data object item.)

When farmers continue to refill their flocks that lay eggs, the output is controlled for the benefit of consumers who enjoy an omelette, and chicken costs will gradually fall over the ensuing weeks and months. 

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